Pride Cometh (NEM #59)


A sunny Saturday to you, my lovelies!  Now I know the sun was annoyingly persistent this morning but it had good reason: today is NEM Day, and even the sun looks forward to that.


I must preface this week’s “motivation” with an apology: I truly didn’t mean to stick with the same theme two weeks in a row, but sometimes I create an image and make a note to hold it back until something happens (it always does) to make the timing perfect for release.  See?  Totally out of my hands. 


Not sure why I’m so concerned about possible upset?  You’re clearly new—go ahead and click the Not Exactly Motivational link (found at the top of discerning pages across the internet).  This is also the best way to catch up with all the old NEM posts if that’s all you want to see.  If you’re looking for NEM plus some other stuff, like… whatever else I post, I’ll check in a sec*—go follow me on Instagram.  If you already knew about all of that, then you already know what to do next—so go do it already!



Pence's Fairyland




* Okay, it looks like the last thing I posted that wasn’t one of these was… a fire.  Huh.  It’s possible that I was drunk.  Sorry about that, I know I need to step up my game.  Pics of puppies and avocado toast coming soon, I promise.  Please don’t send me to instagram jail?





2 comments on “Pride Cometh (NEM #59)

  1. emilypageart says:

    Please don’t put puppies on avocado toast. First of all, it’s hard to eat and gets really messy because the puppies are all squirmy. Second, puppies are really better as a dessert item because they’re so stinkin’ sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

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