Somebody Call Miss Cleo


You guys, I think I’m psychic.


No, smartasses, I did not misspell “psycho”.  And don’t think I didn’t hear you think that!


That's so funny.  The last time I heard that, I laughed so hard, I fell off my dinosaur.



Ahem.  Now then.  For those of you who are still in my good graces, I believe I was about to offer a demonstration of my powers?



ME:  (writing a post)
HIM:  (pops in)  Hey.
ME:  Nope.
HIM:  What?
ME:  Nope.  (gestures)  To whatever you’ve got going on.
HIM:  (puzzled)
ME:  (sighs, stops typing)  (ticking off) Nope, maybe, purple, and—if pressed—later today, but you’ll have to get started by yourself.
HIM:  O-kay.  I was just going to ask if you’d checked skype.  I sent you a list of meal ideas.
ME:  (beaming)  Nope!
HIM:  So… do you have any other meal ideas?  Because I’m headed to the store—
ME:  Maybe!
HIM:  (sighs)
ME:  Keep going, this is fun!
HIM:  I don’t even know what question I could ask…
ME:  Fine, let me look at skype.  (reads)  That looks fine.  Do we have tomatoes?
HIM:  I think we’re out.  I can get some.
ME:  Ask me what kind.
HIM:  I’ll just get romas.
ME:  No, I want the purple heirloom—
HIM:  I’m getting the romas.
ME:  Fine.
HIM:  Can you think of anything else?  Because I’d like to get going, but I want to start a grocery list.  Maybe you could help with that?
ME:  (sighs)  I might, later today.  But you’ll have to get started by yourself.
HIM:  (scowls)
ME:  (laughs)



Freaky, right?


spoon bending in hard ice cream

Just don’t ask me to bend spoons: I’ve got proper scoopers so that never happens.


I really shouldn’t be wasting this gift on parlor tricks.






9 comments on “Somebody Call Miss Cleo

  1. Victor K says:

    Not gonna lie, that is not where I saw “later today, but you’ll have to get started by yourself.” going. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shybiker says:

    Amusing. Living with you must be an adventure. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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