Click, Click, Click (NEM #62)


It’s Saturday again, and a holiday weekend… but it’s a cooking holiday… but it’s a drinking holiday, too.  I’m conflicted, y’all.  I have so many things to make for Tuesday but I also can’t wait to get drunk and watch the sparklies!


Note for non-USA readers: on Tuesday we will celebrate our independence from the British Empire by setting off colorful explosives that will do extensive damage to buildings, pets, and humans.  Homes, limbs, and lives will be lost, but it’s cool because there’s beer and bratwurst and soooo much potato salad. 


For those of you who plan on surviving the next week with all of your litigatin’ fingers intact, please make sure you’ve read up on the history and meaning of Not Exactly Motivational (just follow that link if you’re not sure).  Please also follow me on Instagram as well as all the other the other stuff in the sidebar to keep up-to-date.  If you’re planning to blow yourself or your children up, go ahead and skip it. 

Just this once.





No Place Like Home







7 comments on “Click, Click, Click (NEM #62)

  1. Ah ye can’t bate a feed of drink and sparklies. Happy Independence Day. Sure I’ll raise a glass or two in your honour…not a fan of bratwurst tho so I’ll just have a whirly burger and a spice bag if you don’t mind 😉


  2. Victor K says:

    Have a happy Independence Day! I’d say we’re celebrating Canada Day in similar fashion, but really it’s mostly just beer and BBQ, and we tend to just call that “the weekend”.

    And no fireworks for me this year – nature is tossing lightning and rain around instead. There’s a reason we call nature a mother …

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  3. Arionis says:

    My wife is Canadian. It was so nice of those Canucks to have their Canada day so close to our Independence Day so we could celebrate it at once. Brats were definitely on the menu. Poutine, not so much. They really should have come up with a better word for that dish. It just sounds so… unappealing.

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  4. lariatlarge says:

    Oh man, that image is disturbing. I’d like to whisk that kid away to somewhere magical, for sure!

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    • Thank you! We aim to disturb 🙂

      Huh. But now you’ve got me thinking about that… Glinda, while proffering herself as a “good” witch, was also guilty of kidnapping the girl she manipulated into disposing of her rivals for her. Yeah, I really do hate her.


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