Beautiful Manners (NEM #63)


How is it Saturday again already?  I mean, sorry to those of you who had another long sucky week, but I spent all of Wednesday arguing with people that it couldn’t really be Wednesday, so I’m feeling a little behind.  Husband blames this on the amount of alcohol I drank on Tuesday but that doesn’t make any sense because I was drinking all day and everybody knows that’s how you avoid getting drunk.  Tch, so much for his impressive Engineer Brain, right?


Anyway, enough calendars have assured me that it is Saturday so that means it’s time to “motivate” you like you’ve never been.  If you’re new, or have that Memento thing where you don’t remember anything that happened before you got shot, or maybe you’re just a blackout drunk [waves] please be to clicking the Not Exactly Motivational link right there before continuing.  I promise, you’re not too good for this—everyone else had to do it, it opens in another tab and takes you to all sorts of cool content once you’re indoctrinated informed.  Also!  Please note that NEM’s are posted on my Pinterest board (so you can horrify your knitting circle) and Instagram accounts on a timetable that I describe as “pretty quickly” but other people have guessed as more like “whenever she feels like it”.  Other people are smartasses.




Good Girls








2 comments on “Beautiful Manners (NEM #63)

  1. LuWana says:

    I’m SO disappointed with today’s NEM. No severed body parts, no blood or other horrifying images. Not to be TOO critical, but have you lost your edge? LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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