Summer Repeats (NEM #69)


Oh, my darlings.  Have we ever earned a Saturday as hard as we’ve earned this Saturday?  I honestly don’t remember if we have… I’ll let you speculate on why that might be.  But we made it, and I’m so proud of you all for coming here, even before managing to drag your exhausted, useless selves out of bed.  You are still in bed, right?  My cameras are temporarily offline, so I’ll have to assume you are.  Well, go toddle off to the bathroom, but meet me right back here for some proper motivation! 


There, isn’t that better?  Special thanks to those of you who stopped to brush your teeth—yes, I can tell, actually.  Welcome back!  Only, some of you are new, so just welcome!  And for the new, the fresh, the uninitiated, please click this Not Exactly Motivational link, since you’ve probably not had a chance to find any of the others.  For future reference, such links can be found at the top of any page of this blog—I’m working at expanding across the internet, but for now it’s just here.  For the fully vetted among you, who have proven to have an excellent sense of humor and love me no matter what horrible things I show you on Saturday mornings, you may click on as you usually do.



KKK on Repeat



For the attentive among you: yes, this is indeed the second time the KKK has appeared on NEM.  They were previously featured in NEM #8—when we saw a Grand Dragon* dressed as a Christmas tree and I could not stop laughing.  I may hate everything they stand for and everything they do and everything they say, but I will never pass up an opportunity to point out how ridiculous they are.  Look at those stupid fucking hats, for crying out loud!  “Ooh, we’re so brave we’re not covering our faces!”  Might want to rethink that when you’re wearing a dunce cap in public, genius.




* A ridiculous title I 100% did not make up.  Google it, then get back to mocking.




5 comments on “Summer Repeats (NEM #69)

  1. This morning I’ve been offering virtual fist-bumps to the tens of thousands of pro-protesters who outnumbered the double-speaking racists by a factor of 200 to 1. My arm is tired, but it’s a good tired.

    Isn’t it outrageously funny and more than a little bit sad that the KKK Kostume from back in the day actually struck terror in the hearts? Today it’s pitiful and obscene and profane and entirely laughable.

    I surely do take comfort from the fact that history repeats itself – the good after the bad.

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