Eat Your Heart Out (NEM #70)


Y’all, this has been a rollercoaster week.  Emotionally, mentally… not physically, because I’m one step removed from a potted plant (maybe two steps, since I seem adept at keeping myself alive) but still.  The sort of week that started with frustration, escalated to full-blown irritations (don’t even get me started on that bitch following me and then pretending she didn’t see me) only to end on a genuinely shitty note. 


In other words, I need a weekend.  I need a weekend like you need pancakes (or the hangover food of your choice).  I also need some motivation, but since I know fuckall about that, I’ll settle for “motivation.”


On this, our most 70th of Saturdays, let us reflect on the importance of clicking the Not Exactly Motivational link—particularly for newcomers.  Let us also ponder the importance of sharing the motivativity, on Pinterest, Instagram, or the Book of Face… or on whatever new thing the damned kids are inventing these days.  Only after these messages—the true meaning of NEM Saturday—have been completely absorbed, shall we continue on in the traditional fashion, through the Tag of More (or by scrolling, depending on how you got here).




Eat Your Heart Out










5 comments on “Eat Your Heart Out (NEM #70)

  1. Ritu says:

    Oh God I need a weekend too!

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  2. I’m here. Waiting for my gardening instructions.
    🙂 gwingal

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