The Love of Learning (NEM #71)


Confession: not only did I do actual work this week—achieving actual goals, following external timetables, and generally not loafing around—but I actually stayed up late creating NEM images.


I have failed you.


Look, I promise to make it up to you, alright?  Unless you’re new, in which case you actually owe me a click of the Not Exactly Motivational link (that one right there will do nicely if you missed the one at the top of the page).  I’ll forgive you as soon as you’ve read all about the seedy and sordid great and glorious history of NEM Saturdays.  For those of you who are not new… are you sharing?  Because if you have to share—Teacher says.  Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook… pick your favorite and spread the motivatility!  Because let me tell you what I’ve learned about our little Saturday secret: it’s a great way of finding out which of your friends is actually a pod person with no sense of humor whatsoever. 






The Lusting Tree






5 comments on “The Love of Learning (NEM #71)

  1. LuWana says:

    Good one!

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  2. Adeline says:

    LOL so bad yet so good. Did they just divorce?

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    • They did. Which is only the ninth creepiest thing they’ve done.

      Also, while researching this one? I found out that these cases (teachers having sex with disgustingly underage students) are shockingly common. Like, it’s almost boring at this point. How… how? Just that; how? I’m a grown-ass woman and when I look at a 14-year old boy I might see a good looking kid who’s full of potential and will someday break hearts, but my panties are bone dry.

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      • Adeline says:

        Same. Well… I don’t even get that far most times, I usually struggle to get past their obnoxiousness LOL It’s got to be some sort of power/dominance thing, right? I’m older, smarter(?), and he listens to every word I say and follows every command I give- Spung!

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