See No Evil… (NEM #73)


My loyal lovelies, I wish you were here with me now.


Well, not right now.  I mean, not literally.  Because when this posts, I’ll be in bed and it’s not quite flannel pajama season if you catch my drift. 


But right now while I’m writing this post?  I have my creepy Halloween playlist going (the first one, the mixed bag—I added an all-instrumental version this year but it’s missing the chains, howls, and screams) and the atmosphere is too good not to share.*  But!  I look at the calendar and note that the grinchy among you would allow me a mere four Saturdays in which to get proper ghoulish if I held off until October.  Does that sound right?  Or fair?


Shut up, we’re doing it my way.  For clarification of all terms and conditions of Not Exactly Motivational Saturdays, go ahead and click that link.  Then, when you’re fully braced and prepared, read on!  But don’t forget to share the childlike joy of these motivative moments with literally everyone you know.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter… that’s all fine but don’t forget about the personal touch!  Is it time to renew your license?  Because I can’t imagine anyone at the DMV wouldn’t want to see what’s behind the jump.




Not Exactly Motivational








* I’m technically never alone, but the animals aren’t as appreciative as one might hope.  Though I do know a certain Big Good Boy who hums along to Werewolves of London in his sleep.




3 comments on “See No Evil… (NEM #73)

  1. Are you going to be one of those annoying people who start celebrating Christmas in September?
    There’s a time and a place hon, come on, I haven’t even been on me summer holidays yet…oh, and I fucking hate Hallow e’en….bah humbug..or whatever the Hallow e’en equivalent is :p

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