Rainy Day Blues (NEM #74)


The days are getting shorter, yet the weeks aren’t going by any faster.  What kind of bullshit system is that?  We had one cold snap that caused a few trees to change color, then everything leveled out so it doesn’t even look particularly autumnal out there anyway—especially with my lawn-obsessed neighbor who immediately clears every leaf from his yard.  My view is the greenest in the neighborhood, and it’s really killing my seasonal vibe.


You know what I need?  “Motivation!”


Quick refresher: this is a thing, our thing, our super-secret-only-not-really thing that we do every Saturday and have done for over a year now; we call it Not Exactly Motivational and there’s a whole page that explains the history and philosophy, which you can reach by clicking that there link; I do not link to these on the facebook or my twitter, so the only way to find out about it is to actually wander over to the site and click on a Saturday, or to be directed here by someone who thinks you are really cool and have an advanced sense of humor; sharing is encouraged but not mandatory, and even I have been talked into sharing these little horrors on Instagram and Pinterest, but the rest is up to you!  Now, if you’ve already read all about the noble history of NEM and our theme and are aaaalll caught up because this is not your first rodeo, you may click below.  If not, no cheating!  Go back and do it right; we’ll still be here when you get back.






Funny Fun








2 comments on “Rainy Day Blues (NEM #74)

  1. Winter is definitely here today. Pissing rain outside and not a hope of getting a bit of washing out on the line. Yesterday, I sat out in the garden having a coffee in my shorts and a tee shirt. Today I need wellies and a raincoat. Seasons are gone fucking mad. I’m off to book a week in Spain!

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