Dead Right (NEM #76)


Good morning,* Saturday “motivation” seekers!  Last night was my first night of haunting in almost a year, so I’m still sleeping it off… in fact, I had to write this up and schedule it before I left, so everyone cross your fingers and wish really hard that it went well and plenty of people paid good money for their tickets only to quit after wetting themselves in fear.


This week, I’m continuing my flagrant abuse of the malpracticing Dr. Seuss, because I wanted to keep up my theme of quotes from beloved children’s stories and… you know, most of his prose just sends my brain to a dark and Halloween-y place, frankly.  If you’ve got no clue why that’s a thing or what such rubbish would be doing on a blog ostensibly devoted to… let’s see… wow.  Actual conversations with my husband?  Goodness, I should really stop talking to that guy if I’ve made an entire blog out of mocking him, right?  Whatever.  If you’re as confused as I am, go ahead and click this here Not Exactly Motivational link.  You can also find one at the top of any page of the blog—right near the About Us page, if you’re so used to this fuckery that you’ve forgotten what I’m supposed to be doing the rest of the week.  I know I have.  Then continue in the usual fashion; bonus points if you remember what those sharing buttons at the bottom are for!




Dead Right(s)









* Salutation does not convey any guarantee regarding either the time or quality of your individual day.









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