Sooner or Later (NEM #78)


Hello and welcome to Saturday, the only day of the week where we open our eyes and seriously question our life choices.


I mean, some of you are probably doing that other days as well, but on Saturdays you have the luxury of staying in bed while you do it!


As is our custom, we will begin by sussing out the fresh meat; If you’ve no idea why it’s so important to me (and my future legal team) that new readers be identified before they continue any further, you aren’t familiar enough with the glorious history of Not Exactly Motivational posts to continue without clicking that link.  But!  As a reward, when you come back from catching up on the (quick) story and all the past posts?  You’ll be one of the cool kids and you’ll know that our current theme is beloved children’s stories.  The rest of you may proceed in the usual fashion.























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