Richard the Villager


Just a quick one today because I’m exhausted.  But in a good way!


Tired Anna from Frozen

Except my hair is black and green now.  Sorry, I forgot to mention.



I actually got to go to a Halloween party this weekend!  For most of you, that’s no big deal, but as a haunter* I’m busy all the nights anyone would want to party.  Except this last weekend, when the stars aligned just so to enable me to have a few precious hours of fun with friends.


Naturally, I took this opportunity to remind everyone of the Terrible Thing Husband had done.


We were playing Werewords, which is an excellent game that everyone should be playing basically all the time.  Think 20 Questions meets Werewolf.  We’d failed to guess the word, which meant the werewolves had done their job and we had 60 seconds to find and lynch a werewolf or they’d win.


Werewords screenshot—countdown to vote



FRIENDS:  Clock is ticking, we need to find a werewolf.
HIM:  I’m saying it’s Jay—he was no help at all.
JAY:  I’m… I mean, that’s true, but I’m never any help!
SEAN:  (quietly, to me)  I’ll follow your lead.
ME:  Because he locked the salsa!
HIM:  I didn’t lock the—
FRIENDS:  Good enough for us!  (most point at Husband)
TIMER:  (runs out)
HIM:  (flips card)  Villager.
VILLAGERS:  (groan)
WEREWOLVES:  (celebrate)
ME:  Yeah, a villager who locked the salsa!


Werewords Villager card

I mean, he looks guilty.





* Reminder for those who are just now catching on: I work in a haunted house.  This consumes much of my autumn.





2 comments on “Richard the Villager

  1. cracTpot says:

    I’ve got to catch up…I missed the Haunted House development. My daughter got a job at a haunted escape room and just loves it (and we get free visits to said escape room so I just love it too!) Happy Halloween!

    Liked by 1 person

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