The Perfect Host (NEM #82)


If you’re not elbows-deep in prep this weekend, you’re not one of the thousands of Americans hosting the other three hundred million for dinner on Thursday.  Sit back, relax, wait for someone to bring you pie or a hot chocolate or something, because this post isn’t for you.  No, this week’s motivateering is strictly for the overworked host.  Who, statistically, isn’t reading this blog anyway, so… actually, go ahead and read on, that you might bring it to their attention.  Even if you’re not American, because at some point you’ll be invited to something.*


Unless, of course, you’re new here.  If this is your first ever Saturday with us, I’m afraid you have one extra step to complete: just click any of the convenient Not Exactly Motivational links (that one will do nicely) to learn all about what it is we do here of a Saturday.  Bonus—you’ll have an opportunity to look through all the past NEM posts while you’re there!  Returning readers have already waived their right to sue and are free to continue at their own discretion.  Welcome to the holiday season!





Hannibal Host









* Probably.  I have no idea what your table manners are like.





5 comments on “The Perfect Host (NEM #82)

  1. I’m confused. Is the guy sitting down wearing a skullcap, or has he been scalped? Now that I think of it, the second option seems to most relevant to Thanksgiving…

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  2. Arionis says:

    I would definitely be RSVPing HELL NO to any invitations from Dr. Lecter for Thanksgiving, or any other occasion for that matter.

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