Hungry Eyes (NEM #83)


I know you’re all either bloated or hung over, but I have to talk to you about something serious, so try to refrain from vomiting (or grabbing “just one more slice of pie”) until we’re done here.  Explanation after the jump—unless you’re new and have no clue what’s going on—you’ll have to click the Not Exactly Motivational link before you can continue.  Don’t worry, you’ll be dropped off right back here when you’re done and caught up.  Everyone else, continue as usual.




Hungry Hungry Hannibal





Thanksgiving has come and gone here in the US, which means I’m now legally permitted to look forward to Christmas—ask people what they want, think about what I’m going to do with my tree, and even (this bit’s important) think about what I want for Christmas.  And I’ve decided I’m going to give myself a gift this year—an important one, something I’ve been wanting for a while now—and I’m going to give it early.


I’m giving myself the gift of time.  Free time.  Stress-free time.


While I’ve been enjoying all the things I do for and around this blog, the schedule I set for myself a while back was shredded as soon as real life obligations came along (I got to practice it for a solid three weeks, basically) and getting back to that schedule has been hard.  I knew that the way to make it work was to cut back on something, but what?  I can’t even blame my old standby of gaming, since—and this realization was the spark that led to the announcement below—I haven’t touched a video game in seven months.


I’ve looked at my schedule, at the other things I want to spend more time on, and come to a painful decision (which I then spent a further three weeks postponing): I need to scale back on the NEM’s.  I told myself I’d wait until the new year, or the two year anniversary of the first one, but all of those felt like excuses to quit altogether and I don’t want to do that—I just want permission to make it a once-a-month feature or a whenever-I-think-of-something-cool feature rather than a weekly feature that takes way more of my time than I think it should.  More than it used to, for sure.  Then I remembered: I’m the one who gives that permission!  So… I did.  You got one today, obviously, and there are more in the bank so I have no excuse to quit anytime soon… but they’re going to be spread out while I relax and do some quality thinking.  And writing, if one is feeling so generous as to apply the term quality to what I do.


I’m imagining most of you nodding and thinking “of course!  It’s your blog, do whatever you want with it!” and I thank you for that.  If you’re doing/thinking something else… well, I probably still want you to say something because I thrive on your comments (even the spam, if I’m being brutally honest) but maybe keep it nice?  And if I don’t respond right away, it’s because I’m in the basement playing Horizon Zero Dawn.  I wasn’t kidding about that: I checked, and my last trophy was “Reach Level 25.”


I gotta fix that shiz.  And those robot dinosaurs need to learn a lesson.







11 comments on “Hungry Eyes (NEM #83)

  1. Victor K says:

    Good for you! You deserve free time!

    Also, yeah – it’s all quality writing. Thanks for what you do.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NO! NONONO! No gaming! Write that book!
    Seriously … first take time out – as much as you want. Shoot things. Find treasure. THEN write the book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Da Book” is on the list of things I want more time for, actually. That was one of my frustrations: I’d set aside one whole day for non-blog writing, but when it came ’round I’d look over my banked material and realize I needed to hunt down some more quotes, or an image of a sufficiently unhappy disabled person (that’s still one of my favorites, tho) and there goes my writing time, POOF! So you see? You’re getting what you want, and I’m getting to slaughter robot dinosaurs.

      Except for today, when I’m also killing zombies with my son. Because nothing improves that parent/child bond like telling your teenager, “I’m gonna need you to get good, because that shit was unacceptable.

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  3. Go play video games.

    You know, I have to order my husband to play video games from time to time. Usually he’s sensible about it, but from time to time things snowball out of control. He gets into a rut of doing only responsible things, and his stress levels start building but he can’t tell, and he’s got some weird ideas about Being An Adult and Hard Work and suddenly it starts makes him feel guilty for having fun. When that happens, he needs me to shove the damn controller in his hands, turn on Breath of the Wild (or whatever) and force him to relax. (Also, I then get to destroy him in Mario Kart, and that makes me happy too).

    Work ethic can be so unhealthy.

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    • Husband has tried a couple of times this weekend to get me to do other things, but “ooh, I was gonna play (game) next” stopped him every time. Because he’s been watching me not play with my toys, getting frustrated and miserable. (Now he just watches me suck at melee instead, poor man)


  4. Arionis says:

    My son was in town for the holiday weekend and we spent all day Friday playing video games, pretending the zombies we were killing were Black Friday shoppers.

    While I’m sure we’ll all miss the weekly NEM’s, it’s probably better you throttle back on it anyway so your NSA interest level will fall back closer to the normal range. Well, normal for you anyway.

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