I’m so glad I gave myself that gift of time.  Seriously.


I spent almost an entire weekend playing video games and remembering how to play some of my favorites, and very little of it sleeping… much to Husband’s distress.


wide-eyed woman on couch playing video games surrounded by clocks showing all hours


ME:  Why is your son pressuring me to go to bed?
HIM:  Well, it’s not quite midnight…
ME:  Come get me when it’s bedtime.
ME:  (hours later)  Is it bedtime?  Or hounds outside time?
HIM:  Yes.  To BOTH.
ME:  I can’t let them out.  Because of my honor.
(sound of exhausted husband tromping downstairs to collect wife and her faithful hounds)



Downside: it seems Husband believes Horizon Zero Dawn is bringing out my hoarder tendencies…  which, if I’m honest, I do have. 


You never know when you’ll need extra twigs!



ME:  Ugh, I need more inventory space!
HIM:  You’ve got… okay, you’re carrying way more flowers than I would.
ME:  But you use them for stuff, right?  (checks)  Yeah, they’re used to make potions.
HIM:  It’s your game.
ME:  Well… how much would you—
HIM:  I’d get rid of all but one stack.
ME:  Nooooo!
HIM:  (sighs)
ME:  Because then I’ll run out!
HIM:  (stares carefully ahead)
ME:  I hate having to stop while I’m doing shit to pick fuckin’ flowers.
HIM:  (calmly)  Your collection of flowers suggests otherwise.



pile of sweetrolls in Skyrim home

I do it in Skyrim too, but at least there I’ve got storage, so it’s a nicely curated collection; very few piles.





And then he complained, the other day, that we’re not spending enough time together and dragged me grocery shopping with him.  Grocery shopping.  Yeah, you know that’s a recipe for disaster because you’ve been paying attention!  But will he sit and watch me play?  Nooooo… neither of them will, actually.  Not for very long, anyway.



ME:  I’m about to go check out that area—wanna watch?
OFFSPRING:  No.  Because there’s going to be a… nevermind.
ME:  I’ve already guessed there’s going to be at least one major fight there.
OFFSPRING:  Yeah, and you’re going to try to stealth and snipe and not touch the ground, and—
ME:  Beats the alternative.
OFFSPRING:  Only because you’re such a spaz!*
ME:  (to Husband)  Your son can’t handle watching me try to melee.
HIM:  (nods)
OFFSPRING:  That’s because your version of melee is to mash the heavy attack button while dodge-rolling in random directions!
HIM:  I know.
HIM:  I know.
OFFSPRING:  Seriously, she crouches the whole time and just dodge-rolls over and over instead of sprinting or sliding!
HIM:  Oh, I know
ME:  (shrugs)  I’m hoping I can hide again!  Plus, when they hit me I panic.



Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy runing from robot dinosaur






* In fairness, this “spaz” accusation came up again, in another fight—one with Husband watching—where there was no cover and I was expected to just sprint around.  Only I’m bad at sprinting.  He couldn’t figure out how that’s possible, but you see it, right?

I’m a natural-born sniper.  I only run when I’m out of ammo.









4 comments on “Reload!

  1. Victor K says:

    Oh my god, what is wrong with them! Sniper is CLEARLY the best (and only) choice for games, whether it’s with guns or arrows. If you are 100% stuck with close up fighting, then it’s stealth attacks. NOTHING ELSE MAKES ANY SENSE!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bexoxo says:

    I love watching my fiance play that game! It has such a cool story line. Last night, I was on edge watching him fight some giant robo dino- almost like I was watching a movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t recommend it enough to people. No spoilers—I’m not done, and I won’t spoil this story for anyone—but there are points in the story where I’m honestly moved. Like, Aloy (your character) will stumble across something and I’m just… I have to stop and have a “Woah,” moment.

      And I totally save videos of the epic fights, to rewatch later.

      Liked by 1 person

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