The Ghost and Monty Hall


Moving Day!


Lorebrand comic shows "hipster poet" Lore in three panels: I can see clearly now, the rain is gone; I can see all obstacles in my way; Shit, that's a lot of obstacles.

Too real, Lore.  Too real.




I promise, we’re almost done with the moving posts.  This will be the last one, and it’s a quickie. 


Because I have awesome friends, there was a party.  Because my friends are sarcastic assholes, “dead to us” and “carried off by mosquitoes” jokes were the order of the day.


And then there was Husband.


EVERYONE:  (playing Mysterium, we cast our votes for which psychic vision is the true murder scenario)
HIM:  (as the ghost)  It’s a tie.
ME:  What?
HIM:  Between One and Four.
ME:  Okay, so… (looks at scoreboard)  Natalie is the tie breaker.
HIM:  She voted for number one.
SHANE:  (to Natalie)  So that means you should change your vote.
ME:  ?
SHANE:  It’s the Monty Hall Problem.
ME:  That’s not a real thing!
SHANE:  Yes it is!
ME:  No, that was a movie and we’re not supposed to love Kevin Spacey anymore!
NATALIE:  (stresses)
HIM:  It’s a real thing.
ME:  (to Natalie)  Go with your gut.  You voted one for a reason, and you’re ahead for a reason.
NATALIE:  Yeeeeaaaah, but… okay.  One.
HIM:  (flips over secret token)  It was number one.
ME:  See?  I told you!  Don’t change your mind just because—
SHANE:  But that’s what you’re supposed to do!
ME:  No, it’s not a real thing!
HIM:  It’s a real thing.  And since we’re going to be in the car for six hours, I’ll explain to you exactly how it works.
ME:  Noooooooooooooooo!
EVERYONE:  (laughs at my misery, because my friends are assholes)



Next stop: St. Louis!


Riverboat "Queen of the West" glides up the Mississippi toward St Louis


See y’all there!



2 comments on “The Ghost and Monty Hall

  1. I’ve played Mysterium and I loved how airy and vague it was but also found it really frustrating because in round one each person has to solve a murder, and then the ghost is like, PSYCH, none of that was relevant but if even one of you failed you don’t get to move on to the next stage. Like, if you want you’re murder solved, ghost, just start giving clues to the ACTUAL MURDER and stop fucking with people who are just trying to help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The “story” reason is that some of you are getting confused readings because there were other crimes committed there. One of the readings is the correct one, you just don’t know until you’ve worked together and proved you’re strong mediums.

      Also, you have to be frustrated and scream, “seriously, what the fuck was that supposed to be?” and the ghost has to get fed up and throw ravens at you and bang his/her head on the table and weep.

      That’s how you know you’re having fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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