Some Random Shit


Every time he says something, I make a note of it.


Okay, not every time, obviously.  Some of the shit he says is boring.  Obviously.  I mean, sometimes he really does come home and just say, “Hi,” and kiss me, then, “I’m gonna go change real quick,” and I don’t see him for an hour because somehow his computer was on the way to the bedroom (it isn’t) and he got sucked into a game or facebook or whatever.  Obviously I don’t make a note of that.  I also don’t make a note when he says, “Got your coat?  It’s cold out” or “can you let the dogs out?  I’m tired” or any of those mundane daily things.


But the weird, the funny, the random, and the stupid?  They all get a note.


… Mostly.  I actually forget a lot.  And sometimes he gets mad if he sees me reaching for my phone right after he said something, but I can’t tell if he’s really annoyed or if he’s wishing he could do a rewrite before I get it down forever.*


So I’ve got all these notes, yeah?  Oodles of them, some from years back that never made it into a post.  Why?  Because they were little one-offs or I couldn’t spin a whole story around them.  And I’m sick of looking at them now.  Plus I’m trying to move over to a different organization tool for these notes and it would be really helpful to not have so many old ones kicking around.  So I’ve got two options: try to jam them in soon-ish, claiming they happened recently (not… really feasible for some) or just present them as-is in a sort of highlight episode.


Raise your hand if you guessed that I would choose the lazy way.



mean girls raise hands


Right.  Here we go.  I will try to offer some context where I can, but sometimes I just have… what I’ve got.  Sorry.



(I think we were looking at furniture…)

ME: Do you even see how cool that is? Do you have an inner hipster at all?
HIM: (pause) I have something, but you’ve probably never heard of it
ME: (moment of stunned silence) okay, that was good.

woman doing slow clap



(Some of these aren’t entirely his fault… )

ME:  (vents about computer issues)
HIM:  Okay… are you aware that you’re wearing a tiara?
ME:  (pause) I am NOW, yes.
HIM:  Okay (clearly trying not to laugh)

(Parks and Rec) Leslie Knope asking someone, "Was I wearing a tiara when I came in here?"



(Oooh!  This was back when he worked at Evil Megacorp—before The Incident—and was covertly looking for something else… )

HIM:  I’m thinking of applying at Kevin’s company.
ME:  Not at a pay cut!
HIM:  No, I’d need a raise, for sure.
ME:  Although, it is closer…. and taxes would be simpler, since they don’t outsource their payroll yet.
HIM:  Hey!  They got my taxes right this year!
ME:  Ooh, one out of three!  Impressive!
HIM:  Of course, I had to pay taxes on last year’s refund, because it was from the wrong state….
ME:  Aaaand we’re back to a wash.

(Lilo & Stitch) frustrated Stitch (alien experiment 626) double-facepalms, drags his lower eyelids down his face



(Here’s one that stands on its own…)

HIM:  I’m getting crabby, and I just realized I haven’t eaten anything today.  I really shouldn’t skip breakfast; you know I get lack toast intolerant.

the Planeteers (from Captain Planet cartoon) use their rings to bring together the power of Flour! Water! Salt! Yeast! Toaster! and summon... POWDERED... TOAST... MAAAAAN!!! (possibly the most 90's gif ever)



(I was putting together my FUQ’s page, and made the mistake of asking for his input… )

HIM:  You should add, “is he really as dumb as he sounds?” and say YES.
ME:  (sigh) Okay, I’m….
HIM:  (laughing)

the Lord is testing me reaction gif



(Returning with takeout from a Chinese restaurant notorious for being goddamned stingy with their chopsticks…  )

HIM:  There aren’t enough for everyone to have two; China’s a big country!

Buttercup eye twitch


Whelp, that’s enough fucking around for one day.  Go do something productive—not your job; fuck me with a rusty chainsaw if I ever start encouraging you to do your actual job while you’re at work—but go plan a vacation you can’t afford or look up some recipes you definitely won’t make.  Or, if you’ve already done those things, you can go re-read some of my old posts: revisit our favorite arguments or find out why I’m always late.


Or maybe go order this book that someone fucking beat me to writing.  I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.  In my own lazy ass.**

(How I Met Your Mother) Ted saying condescendingly, "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed"






* Now that I think of it, it’s that second thing.  Because he’s tried to edit while I’m typing, offering suggestions for what he should have said and what I should say he said.  Tch.  Like I’d lie to you.

** To be fair, I was an asshole kid when it was written so maybe I’m not totally to blame in this scenario… my parents should shoulder their share for not fucking more productively during the early years of their marriage.  Right?




6 comments on “Some Random Shit

  1. WDS says:

    If I am first to your see stuff, it must mean I am a lazy arse motherforklift who has nothing better to do than cruise the internet…..


    …..that stuff you explained before about your Blogmeister only posting your stuff between 11:58 and 11:59. So, because everyone else is still asleep I get it first. Being on the other side of the globe and being 12 hours ahead or 12 hours behind or both.

    Is “inner anti-hipster” a thing, yet? Asking for a friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WDS says:

    See my time stamp says April 16, 2019 at 3:27am.
    Local time here in West Oz is 4:27pm.

    Which means y’all are asleep.
    (Unless you are into satin and silk and leather. For pet hair control purposes only of course. What else would y’all be doing dressed like that, at that hour of the night?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I pre-schedule them. I arbitrarily picked a time I thought the rest of the world would be awake or waking and also would give each post the most time being “current” (it’s old as soon as the date’s past). Then I googled what the best time to post is and apparently I’m way wrong but too stubborn to change it now. Must be all the leather activities going to my head 😉


  3. I am SO glad you didn’t just dump these. Thanks for the LOLs! (Yes, really – out loud.)

    Liked by 1 person

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