Ceci n’est pas un Post (But it IS an Update)


This is not a real post in the sense that you know it.


It is, rather, a sort of notice. Of things to come, of the (temporary, I hope) direction of this blog… but also a kind of discussion because I am still working out in my head how this will go.

Woman concentrates while equations flash


Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. My life is not normal right now, and may not return to my old normal for a very long time.
  2. Refusing to acknowledge my new “normal” and putting off responsibilities (and joys! Hobbies! Life!) until “things get back to normal” is not helpful. It’s not Good Self-Care.*
  3. This blog is enjoyable to read because it’s honest. So waiting until our conversations aren’t all Hospital, Hospital, Family Drama or cherry-picking the few that aren’t won’t work. And it’s stressing me out to even think about trying.
  4. I can’t remove the schedule obligation, because without a schedule I simply don’t post. Because I am, in my darkest heart, a Lazy Person.


So, with all that said, I am working on a couple of posts—I tried to fit the general catch-you-up update into one but it got to be eyeball-meltingly long and was emotionally exhausting to proofread, so there’s no way people who didn’t live it could get through it in one sitting—to fill you in on where we’re at. I will try to lighten the tone, not because I feel I need to or because it’s “my brand” but because that’s how I live my life and I’m honestly trying to see the humor in all of this. I can’t explain it very well here but you’ll spot it when you get there. Obviously, that amount of catch-up means you’re waiting a bit longer for the next post BUT… I do plan on getting us back on schedule after that. Regular, goofy ol’ posts.


Just, you know… expect that some of our Conversations may be a little darker in their humor for a while. And you may tune in to find me screaming about Family Drama and him flinging jokes at me to lighten the mood.


Which, by the way, nearly always works. And that’s why we love him.



ME: I need to get back to blogging. It’s just…
HIM: It’s tougher without your good laptop.**
ME: That’s part of it, sure. I mean, I’m able to work on the other one, but it’s more difficult and less enjoyable, which makes me want to do it less…
HIM: So we need to get that into the shop.
ME: Yeah. But also, I think I need to just go ahead and accept that this is our new normal and start up again. You know, instead of waiting for a time when we’re back to having conversations about what if Star Wars fought Deadpool?
HIM: (ponders)
ME: I need to just write up the ones where I’m bitching about my fucking family and you’re cracking jokes to dig me out of it.
HIM: It’s not only that!
ME: No, there’s also—
HIM: (gestures) Eleven!***
ME: (sighs) Yes, that. But also how ‘bout the time I suggested that we should do a tontine for the house—
HIM: Those are illegal.
ME: (growls)
HIM: (smirks)



* I know there’s no chance my old therapist reads this blog but just in case… yeah, I finally get it.  You win, but I still won’t take a bath—they’re gross.

** Yup, forgot to mention that but on my first trip back to Colorado my main laptop crapped out on me. Offspring and Husband both had a go at it, as did Asus Tech Support. Now we have to haul it in to repair, which I obviously have loads of money for right now what with all the last-minute travel I’ve been doing… ugh. In the meantime, I’ve been working on my mini convertible, which is meant to be an emergency/work-on-the-fly machine.

*** I will explain, I promise.



9 comments on “Ceci n’est pas un Post (But it IS an Update)

  1. Victor K says:

    Hey, I think I can speak for most of the readers in saying whatever direction the writing goes in is okay by us.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Rivergirl says:

    Sorry things are getting dark… but you’re right. Humor always brightens the blackest night. Hang in there. We’ll be here when you feel like venting.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jack Herlocker says:

    What Victor K and Rivergirl said!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sherry Bucalo says:

    Humor is often used to fight our way out of the darkness, so yeah most of us figured your not always witty. Share what you need to, take time for you and hope you get the laptop back soon.


  5. emmaclaire says:

    Happy to read whatever you’re able to share – black humor can sometimes be the best kind. And I am SO with you on baths – ick! Who wants to sit around in their own skin cells and goo? Give me a good hot shower and an hour with a good book and I’m set!

    Liked by 2 people

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