All Clear! (sort of)


Two weeks ago I warned you I was starting something you might not enjoy reading, and promised to give an “all clear” when it was over.


This is it.  If you read along with me, you’re all caught up; if you skipped, it’s safe to come out now.


For those who made the journey, I’m sorry it didn’t have a more satisfactory ending.  Believe me, I wish it all could have ended with my father here in my city with all the lovely oxygen and humidity, growing stronger every day and building a new relationship with the daughter he spent decades discarding and disregarding.


But, as I warned you in the beginning, this was not a work of fiction; Real Writers write lovely novels with satisfying endings—I can recommend a few, if you’re feeling emotionally battered.


For those who skipped this bit, I can’t promise you won’t see anything about it in the weeks to come: it’s all still very raw around here, and Husband and I are dealing with shit the way we do: by talking, constantly, and by making jokes about it when we can.  So if you run across an unfamiliar reference or character, there will be a link and you will have a choice to make.  Fortunately, all of the dire stuff is titled by Chapter, so if the link reads, Chapter #### when you hover over it, you know what you’re getting in to.


We will now enjoy a brief recess while I come up with something fun and silly to get us back on track.


And possibly reconsider my stance on day drinking alone.





11 comments on “All Clear! (sort of)

  1. I didn’t comment on daily chapters, but I read along, more by way of bearing witness to your story.

    Nope, real life more often than not does not have tidy, satisfying, Hollywood endings, where lessons are learned, the good guy prevails, and the evil Mark is vanquished.

    But I do have to tell you that you have an amazing talent at setting a scene and writing dialogue. Your non-dialogue dialogue was brilliant.

    Strength to you going forward, and thanks for sharing this.

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    If anyone earned a little solitary day drinking it’s you.
    I know that saga wasn’t easy to relive, but I’m glad you shared it with us.
    Blogging can be a cathartic release of poison…. and we’re happy to sponge it up for you.

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  3. wds2020 says:

    Many thanks for taking me on this journey with you.
    I am feeling a bit battered by the experience,
    but in a good way.

    No doubt you are feeling worse than battered by the experience,
    and not in a good way.

    Here is to yourself and a speedy recovery. Aided by day drinking.

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  4. Christina says:

    The only thing I can say here is that time helps. And thank you for baring your soul to a bunch of internet strangers.

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    • Strangely, it was easier than with friends. Maybe because I couldn’t see your faces while you read; watching those “WTAF is wrong with these people?!” faces gets… awkward. A little like being on the wrong side of the barrier in a zoo.


      • Christina says:

        You’re absolutely correct that it’s easier to write than tell people in person. I wasn’t thinking WTAF, just more sadness that there are waaaaay many more fucked up families in the world than society would have us believe.

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  5. TanGental says:

    Reading these chapters really puts the box into box set. Woof, some journey. I do feel rather ghoulish, like driving slowly past a traffic accident though. I guess you probably need to take out your brain and soak it in arnica for a while.

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