I Can’t Pronounce It


I don’t know why it takes me so long to do things I’m sure I’ll enjoy.


Let’s add it to the list of known bugs and wait for a patch.

loading bar gif making no progress; familiar and frustrating


Spooky season is only just ramping up, which means two things:


  1. I am still able to keep track of how many people I’ve watched wet themselves.[1]
  2. I still have some time for video games.


Since it’s not to the point where we’re open every single night, I haven’t completely abandoned all other pursuits and—to Husband’s pleasant surprise—I chose adorable over terrifying.

Fe game cover art features an adorable little fox-like creature sitting on top of a pine tree in a magical forest overlooking a waterfall-fed pond under a full moon; all in shades of pink, blue, and purple


I don’t know why it took me so long to play Fe, because I heard about it just before the release last year and remember thinking I’ll definitely need that.


And then I didn’t do anything, because that’s how I am.


But it popped up in my recommendations again and it’s been nonstop joy ever since.  Bonus: while Husband won’t watch me play (because Spoilers) he sticks close by and the game is all about sound and vocalizations, so we’re still talking and interacting.

Fe game capture; Fe sings to a plant, which sings back and releases spores



ME:  I have no idea what I just accomplished, but it was freakin’ ADORABLE!
HIM:  … I think not knowing what’s going on or what you’re doing is a big part of this game.
ME:  Yeah, I remember reading that… but it’s so pretty I don’t even care.
HIM:  (nods, goes back to what he’s doing)
HIM:  (turns, stops self from peeking)
ME:  And they do little backflips when they become my friend, and it’s the Best Thing EVAR!

Fe gameplay capture: tiny bioluminescent fox sings to bioluminescent baby deer; baby deer sings back and they BECOME FRIENDS



Fe—according to both Google Translate and Wikipedia[2]—is Swedish for faerie.[3]  Faerie, in this case, translates as adorable bioluminescent fox, because that’s you.  Oh, and you run around communicating with all the residents of your world—be they animal, vegetable, or mineral—by singing at them.



Which is beyond adorable.  We need a new word that means “cuter than the cutest thing ever” because that’s what you’re getting.

Fe gameplay capture; foxlike creature running, climbing tree, perching, surveying his magical world

And for my money, it doesn’t get any cuter than when this thing perches on top of a tree.



OFFSPRING:  (calls in on video)
ME:  What’s up?
OFFSPRING:  Are you… playing a game?
ME:  Yup!  I’m playing (mangles pronunciation) Fe
ME:  (mangles pronunciation differentlyFe
ME:  It’s Swedish!
OFFSPRING:  Okay.  How is it?
ME:  Heckin’ cute.  And addictive.  I’ve almost figured out what’s going on and… oh, shit.
ME:  Silent Ones.  I don’t think I’m supposed to be here yet.
OFFSPRING:  Well, go back.
ME:  I cant!  I fell!
OFFSPRING:  See, this is why you’re awful.
ME:  No, it’s fine… I’ll just—  (full-throated shout at Silent Ones)
OFFSPRING:  What was that?
ME:  I shouted at them.
ME:  I died.
OFFSPRING:  Try not being rude, maybe?
ME:  Shut up.
OFFSPRING:  They just want you to sing nice songs—
ME:  No, they really don’t.  Look—  (sneaks up on Silent Ones, sings softly)
OFFSPRING:  How do you know?
ME:  Because I tried, and they murderized me.
OFFSPRING:  Pfft.  You probably sang off-key.
ME:  That’s not it.
OFFSPRING:  Are you sure?
ME:  … no…


Fe gameplay capture; foxlike creature picks up crystal ball and gazes (adorably) into it while surrounded by bioluminescent plants and animals

Reply hazy; try again.  Dammit!


Protip: you cannot fight the Silent Ones; hide from them, and dismantle their infrastructure to send them packing.


The Silent Ones are very down on the following: joy, youth, birds (all animals, really, but they’ve especially got a thing about birds), moisture, colors, sound, plants… pretty much all the things you’ll find in nature.  So why are they out and about in the lovely world of Fe?  Just generally shitting it up, I guess.  Your mission, as a tiny fox in this world of glow-magic and song, is to get everyone working together and free of these assholes.


By singing and frolicking with your new friends.

Fe gameplay capture; foxlike creature perches on top of tree, sings to bird who sings back. Bird turns and offers ride to Fe the Fox, and they fly off together




ME:  (squeals)
HIM:  ?
ME:  I just found another me!  (beaming)  And… this is the happiest a game has ever made me.
HIM:  Aww!
ME:  I had to chase him up a tree, and he tackled me and now he’s hugging me!
HIM:  Okay, I have to see—
ME:  Look!  I.  Can’t.  Move.  It’s too cute!
HIM:  (comes over to look)  Aww!
ME:  I might cry.  It’s too much cute.

Fe gameplay capture: tiny bioluminescent fox chases another of his kind to a tree and is pounced; they roll to the forest floor and Fe sings to the other fox, who sings back. THEY ARE NOW FRIENDS AND HUG.

If you don’t buy the game immediately after viewing this, I don’t know how to help you.





[1] It never gets old, but you do eventually lose track.

[2] Who probably shared notes, but if you’ve ever begged an aggregate site to quit stealing your posts or at least credit you for them you already know the Internet is a wild and lawless land.

[3] Or fairy.  Fuck, spell it however you want and take it up with them, okay?




16 comments on “I Can’t Pronounce It

  1. Rivergirl says:

    I’m not a gamer, but you almost make me want to try.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bex says:

    Sounds like I need to get my husband to play so I can watch! I find I get more pleasure from watching other play games like these. I think it stems from my childhood when my brother refused to let me play to I would just spend hours watching him play.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So .. do you think singing and frolicked ng would work against Trump? How about McConnell? Would it work against the ultimate Silent One???

    Liked by 1 person

    • The game is meant to have international appeal, so no specific modern US political figure makes an appearance. I will say this: the important take-away (I’ve finished the story, but not the game) is that OUR little fox is a very special fellow. I mean, all baby foxes are heckin’ cute and special in their own way, but he’s out there learning how to sing other songs; this enables him to bring the forest together, and working together they have greater power.

      Did I mention this game is deep? Sure, you could play it for the cute critters and the gorgeous art and never think about anything else… but you’d be missing out.


  4. Arionis says:

    My video gaming has been put on hiatus until my situation with my eyes are squared away. But I’ll put it on the list right after I’m able to finish some Redemption of the Red color Dead variety. There’s a lot of animals there too but probably not as cute.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Arionis says:

    You’ve been nominated!


    I know that’s not exactly your style but tough shit, I’m nominating you anyway. Plus you’ll get another chance to tell everyone how awesome you are!


  6. I have not heard of this game, but it looks SO FREAKING GORGEOUS that I want to marinade my eyeballs in it.

    Liked by 1 person

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