Let’s Keep Halloween for ADULTS!


You may have noticed you’re only getting one this week.


That’s because it’s Halloween, dammit!  Why are you reading blogs when there’s spooky outside?

photo of the sun with flares in the shape of jack-o'-lantern grin

Even the SUN is getting spooki.



I understand some of you are unfortunate enough to live in places where this most magnificent holiday isn’t really a thing.  I feel for you.


Some of you—I’m not going to name names, you know who you are—sit quietly by the glow of the internet on All Hallow’s Eve insisting that it’s “a kids’ holiday.”  I’m not even going to argue that point with you except that I totally am and here it is.


  1. Kids can’t afford Halloween, ergo it’s obviously an adult holiday in which we allow them to participate—mostly so they understand the traditions and expectations when they’re old enough to do their own spooking. But they’re mostly in it for the candy, and you can go out and buy candy and not share it so whose holiday is this again?
  2. Kids can’t go to the really good Halloween parties. This is evidenced—despite the plethora of overtly sexual costumes for young girls—by the absence of children at any Halloween party worth going to.
  3. Kids can dress up and pretend to be a unicorn or a transformer or Richard Nixon any time they want—we encourage it, even! But if you do it on a random Tuesday?  Suddenly everyone will want to talk about your “drinking problem” and your boss will certainly want to show you that copy of the company dress code you signed one day when you were desperate for a job.[1]
  4. If you live in a country where Halloween is a thing, you live in a country where there’s a legal drinking age. See Point 2 re: really good parties, which not-so-coincidentally serve alcohol.  The only thing more fun than dressing up and being spooky is doing all that with a bit of whiskey warming your (possibly exposed) belly.
  5. The best Halloween movies are decidedly not “family friendly” in nature. 

    (Saw V) man dies horribly, sliced across the middle by swinging blade in Jigsaw's "pendulum trap"

    ‘Nuff said.



So there you have it: five legitimate (practically scientific, really) reasons Halloween is obviously for adults.


Not what you came for?


Well Husband and I are on very different schedules right now, but how ‘bout some tales of haunting?

sharp-toothed clown from haunted house, surrounded by fog and dramatic lighting

Not me.  Am not clown.


ME:  (emerges from my section, sweaty and exhausted)
MAINTENANCE CLOWN:  How’d it go tonight?
ME:  Pretty good.  I think we made some people seriously regret their choices.
MAINTENANCE CLOWN:  (laughs)  Yeah, I heard.  One in particular, I guess.
ME:  Oh?
MAINTENANCE CLOWN:  You didn’t hear?  Yeah, she sprained her ankle trying to run through—
ME:  HOLY SHIT!  Seriously?
ME:  We got a confirmed injury… trying to escape!
ME:  (high fives)
COOKIE MONSTER:  What happened?
ME:  Sprained ankle!
COOKIE MONSTER:  Fuck yeah!  (high fives SA)
ME:  I’ve never been so proud of us.
HILBILLY CLOWN:  Not even that time you disclocated that lady’s knee?
HILBILLY CLOWN:  Whatever, that was still the funniest shit I ever seen.  (to others)  she came through Chase’s room and I saw her in the doorway, then—WHOOP!   (gestures)  I never laughed so hard in here.
ME:  (shrugs, blushes)
UNDEAD BUNNY:  (puts arm around my shoulder)  She’s killing ‘em, for sure.
MAINTENANCE CLOWN:  Not literally… yet.
ME:  (beams)



Not to worry, we’re still not allowed to touch customers (though I now have over a dozen loopholes for that, so don’t let me catch you breaking the rules).  But, due to an unexpected shortage of decent puppeteers[2] I’ve been filling in on some of the more demanding puppets.  Which means I’m totally allowed to beat the shit out of customers and take every opportunity to do so.


But I’m also throwing in bonus scares, because I believe in adding value to your admission price.



ME:  (hears cue, sees group coming)
PUPPET:  (dances a little, lulling the idiots valued customers into a false sense of safety)
ME:  (singing)  Here they come… walkin’ down the street…
DOUCHE IN FRONT:  (points at puppet)  Watch, that thing’s gonna come out.
PUPPET:  (goes nowhere, continues dancing)
ME:  Yeah, fuck that guy.
GROUP FOLLOWING:  (eyeballs puppet, dismisses)
ME:  Hmm… that one.
PUPPET:  (bum rushes Skittish Customer, smacks rest of group with off hand)
ME:  (giggles)
GROUP:  (scream, attack each other in mad scramble through the door)
ME:  (cackles madly)  Ah, they’re a fun group.  I hope they come back.
GROUP:  (screams, still falling over each other)
PUPPET:  (pulls back into his hide)
ME:  (singing)  Here comes the next contestant…
PUPPET:  (attacks Overdressed female in front)
GROUP:  (laughs at Overdressed’s predicament)
PUPPET:  (blocks, pummels, generally abuses Overdressed)
ME:  (checks puppet for pulse)
PUPPET:  (is not alive)
ME:  (shrugs, encourages further violence)
ME:  (in booming voice to match PuppetTHAT’S NOT YOUR SAFE-WORD![3]
OVERDRESSED:  (stares, horrified)
GROUP:  (does standing group poop)
PUPPET:  (taunts)
CUSTOMERS:  (scream, flee)
ME:  (laughs)  (to puppet)  So they seemed nice.
WANDERING CLOWN:  Hey, doin’ okay in here?
ME:  Having a blast.
WANDERING CLOWN:  Yeah, they seemed… really freaked out.  What did you—
ME:  “You’re not allowed to touch me I saw the rules NO TOUCHING!”
ME:  Right?
WANDERING CLOWN:  Listen… apparently a big group of kids just came in, and—
ME:  (stares)
WANDERING CLOWN:  Just… I mean… they’re little.
ME:  (dead-eyed stare)
WANDERING CLOWN:  So, you know… go easy on ‘em?
ME:  … No.
WANDERING CLOWN:  Yeah, I know.  But—
ME:  How small?
WANDERING CLOWN:  (sighs, disgusted)  Apparently they’re like, really little.
ME:  (shakes head)  If their parents don’t love them, why should I?[4]
WANDERING CLOWN:  (cracks up)  Good fuckin’ point!  You do what you do best.
ME:  (nods)


Dad tucking son in; son asks if they can go to a haunted house, dad asks, "what's wrong with the one we live in?"





[1] Seriously, how are they allowed to hold that over your head?  I just put “signed under duress” on all employment forms—it saves time and gives us something to laugh about later.

[2] When did people get so fuckin’ lazy?  If I—with my body-by-Doritos and all the grace and stamina of a pet rock—can manage to shove that thing around night after night, you’d think these 20-somethings would be able to do it for more than ten minutes without complaining of heat/fatigue/sore muscles.

[3]HIM:  Do you actually say that?
ME:  (nods)  Sometimes.
HIM:  Okay but… what is their safe word?
ME: (wide-eyed)  … You know, I’ve never heard it!
HIM:  (laughs)  This is why I won’t go to a haunted house.
ME:  Seriously, though, if they would actually throw up their hands and say, “I quit!” I’d lead them out the nearest exit.
HIM:  But they don’t?
ME:  (shakes head)  It’s all NO! and STOP! and NOT TODAY, SATAN! and FUCK, GET ME OUT OF HERE!

[4] This is my general philosophy on children in a non-family-friendly haunt.  And I see some shitty parents; some people will come through carrying their little sprog, for fuck’s sake.  I saw one guy with a baby strapped to his back.  In a haunted house!  Where shit jumps out at you from all angles!  No, I didn’t knock him down, but I did offer him a good price for the chew toy.  Boo at the Zoo is for kids—the famously scary haunted house is not.  But sending little ones through alone was a new low, and I was relieved when I heard the kids quit as a unit less than ten minutes in.





10 comments on “Let’s Keep Halloween for ADULTS!

  1. Victor K says:

    Knowing (as I do) that I probably wouldn’t make it past room one, I have never been to a properly scary haunt. And that when I have access to a train haunt which would bring me to an abandoned town with an asylum in it …

    I’ve always kind of wondered if the most infuriating thing for the fine people working would be someone who just doesn’t react. Like, if they just loaded up on diazepam first or something. The things that make me curious.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Halloween Survival Rule #7: if a town is abandoned, there’s a reason. Do not go “just to check it out.”

      People don’t react fearfully for a number of reasons, so my feeling on it depends on their reason. Other haunters and professionals generally substitute the screaming and running with a “woah, cool! Hey, come see how cool this thing is” and I don’t mind them. Some people are clearly drugged and out of it and they should have saved their money and stayed home, honestly. Some people (my least favorite) come in DETERMINED to not react and go around glaring or rolling their eyes at everything; my biggest complaint about them is not that they wasted my time (I’m there whether they show or not) or their money (I mean, it’s theirs to waste, right?) but that they really ruin the experience for everyone around them. It’s less fun to be startled/scared, giggling/screaming if someone in your group is actively hating on your good time. (See also: people who say shit like, “Watch, someone’s gonna come out of there” or “Look, that thing’s gonna move.”)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Victor K says:

        The town is abandoned because the railway changed the station to a different place back in the seventies. The railway museum keeps it up as part of the history bit (I gather it was always a railway town) and decided this year to use ot for the haunt destination for the train. Sounds like a great idea, and my teenage daughter said it was amazing. I, however, know my own limits. Fight or flight is not something I want to test.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Rivergirl says:

    You do lead an interesting life. And while you’ll never see me actually pay someone to make me pee my pants… it does make you wonder why those that do never seem to enjoy it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • All of my “code yellow” customers this season have denied it, which is ridiculous because it’s suuuuuper obvious. I watched it happen, dude; your pants weren’t that color when you came in tonight.

      Strangely, our “code brown” customers seem to delight in ANNOUNCING IT AT TOP VOLUME. Which… again, it was pretty obvious. More obvious than the pee, really, and that smell lingers.

      Why are people more ashamed of peeing themselves than pooping? If you poop, keep that ish to yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Arionis says:

    Every single bit of that was fantastic! This truly is the most magical time of the year for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. faillingson says:

    The only reason to carry a child in a haunted house is to throw the little shit as a distraction at the first thing that shouts.

    Liked by 1 person

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