Gang Activity


My son is in a gang, y’all.

(Iron Man) Tony Stark posing for photo with peace sign-throwing soldier asks, "Please, no gang signs"


Not just the army, although… yeah, that too.  No, he’s in a gang within a gang and I’m not sure as his mother I can approve.


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Snail Male


In case you’ve ever wondered what sort of head case I am: when planning for Offspring’s departure I realized we wouldn’t be able to speak on the phone often or at all so letters would be the thing—which has turned out to be true—but then I started overthinking it.  How does one address such a letter?  How often should I write?  What should I write about?


Now, I could have brought these questions and concerns to Husband or Offspring, but that would have exposed my inadequacies and, frankly, my level of crazy.  I’m only comfortable showing you my crazy. 


So I googled it.

exhausted man at cluttered desk; desk placard identifies him as Google (from "If Google was a guy" videos)




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Just Deserts


Offspring is officially an adult.  An adult who graduated a whole semester early and signed his soul away in service to our aging alcoholic uncle, Sam.


USA icon Uncle Sam holding a bottle of Wild Turkey


All of which has got us telling lots of military life stories around here.  I’m currently about 14% nervous that my mother-in-law found this blog and will tell my father about it, so we’re going to skip the time my mother told a 3-star General what she really thought about the Marine Corps—or the pair of idiotic MP’s who got chased out of our yard by what they later swore was a bear—and stick with what we’re good at here: Husband’s Army stories.



That’s right, it’s Story Time!


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