Richard the Villager


Just a quick one today because I’m exhausted.  But in a good way!


Tired Anna from Frozen

Except my hair is black and green now.  Sorry, I forgot to mention.


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Happy Fucking Birthday, PT 2



One Eternity Later



Welcome back!


It seems like it’s been days, right?  But in reality, this just happened.


Some of you guessed wildly, some of you guessed mildly, but I’m here to tell you all equally that what I’d ordered for him was XCOM 2 (there was going to be something else too, but he pissed me off).


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On Human Trapping (My Skyrim Valentine)


The fine art of entrapment may be verboten in the world of law enforcement, but I’m here to tell you that it’s a vital component if you expect your marriage to be at all humorous.  Sure, some people strive for peaceful, happy, harmonious, mutually beneficial marriages… but I think they must not understand what they’re missing.


boring family sits on couch, bored


If you’re sensing one of those posts where I ramble a bit, and have to jump back and forth to properly tell the story, congratulations on the paying attention thing!  But no, this time I’ve actually got my shit together, and there’s a point easily made.  Come along, readers – trust me.


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Drones Never Sleep, and Pokémon GO!



Everyone talking about Pokémon Go, but my man is still on the Stellaris.


Now you know I can’t allow that.  Because I’m an idiot.


ME:  Where are we going?  I thought we were getting dinner?
HIM:  We are, but there’s a pokécenter right here.
ME:  So?
ME:  Oh my god, I did not!
HIM:  You did.  And now I’m out.  So until I’ve got a whole bunch more, you need to quit tossing my balls around.
ME:  (giggling)
HIM:  … Wait, did you make me download this game just so we could have Conversations?
ME:  No, but I’m not mad.


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