Can You Have Too Many Probes?


Friday’s child was un-fun and I promised you something lighter.


Can we talk holiday prep?  Because it’s me, and you know it’s already ridiculous.


This is my new favorite thing in the whole wide world:


red and white ribbon-wrapped pen with red maribou feather topper and jingle bells on top; lying across open planner page.


How… everything is that?  Sure, it’s not glittery—I actually thought about adding glitter or rinestones, but I didn’t want to be tacky.


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Notes From a Food Coma


We all have our holiday traditions—eyerolling, drinking, overeating, and vowing next year will be different somehow are popular ones—but looking back, I seem to have acquired a new Thanksgiving tradition: blogging the recap.


Hey, life of a blogger = no secrets, right?  Well, I’m not going to give you the blow-by-blow, but there were some… moments.


cornucopia centerpiece

I keep thinking I’ll do one of these, but then I remember my Thanksgiving rule: the table is for FOOD.


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One 25lb Bird Later…

wiggly dessert

Seriously, what is this?


Hello gorgeous ones! Did we all have a lovely Thursday, be it thankful or otherwise? Did we stuff ourselves with far too much food, wine, and whatever that wiggly dessert thing was, because at that point everyone was too drunk to care? If so, rest assured and bloated that I’m proud of you. If not…. well, there’s always Christmas.


What’s that? You want to hear about my Thanksgiving? Of course you do!

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