Name That Tune


Relationships are at their best when they are changing, evolving.  A stagnant relationship gives both parties a chance to get bored, and bored people tend to notice how unrelentingly irritating the person they live with really is.


Noticing shit, according to a recent report by lawyers who probably don’t exist, is the leading cause of divorce.

professional woman points out items on contract to out-of-focus client in foreground

“We can absolutely bring up the pillow drool if you want, and I don’t doubt the judge will consider it… but if we do, she’ll DEFINITELY mention the skid marks.”



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I Got No Roots


I have noted, on numerous occasions, my willingness to laugh at myself.  To point out my own errors, however rare they might be. 


I just… forgot to mention this one when it happened, because there was so much going on at the time.  So I’m telling you now. 


I promise, it has nothing to do with my desire to stave off discussions of whether I’ve unpacked all 37 boxes of kitchen stuff (they won’t fit, there’s no way) or putting off the answer to the question you’re all asking—which is totally coming, I just remembered this and wanted to put it out there and also I’m a champion procrastinator.

line-art of woman collapsed in garden; text reads, "I'd like to nominate myself for the Procrastinator of the Year award, but I'd rather fill out the application some other time."


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Sunday Bonus – FFF “My Way”


Once again answering the siren call of The Book Blogger’s Flash Fiction Foray Challenge, I took on this week’s prompt and hit the 100-word target spot-on.


Have I beaten the 115-word disease?


No, this week’s song just really inspired me.  I got a specific image in mind and couldn’t stop laughing.  Y’all don’t have to laugh with me—happens all the time—but I had fun and that’s all that matters.


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Sunday Bonus – Every Breath You Take


Still trying new things, but I think I want to move the Flash Fiction Foray Challenge responses to Sunday.  That way the weekday posts are still the regular stuff, and the weekends are for whatever the hell else I’m doing.  Fair compromise?


This week’s prompt got me so excited, nobody was allowed to talk while I was listening to it.  If you’re not already a fan of minor covers of major songs, get there quick, okay?  Because I firmly believe the only time we need a major key is like, circus music.  Maybe weddings.


You know what?  No.  Not even weddings.  Show me you know what you’re getting into, happy couples!  Also maybe not all circuses, because most acts could be improved dramatically by minor-key music… I think I’m really on to something here.  We’ll circle back to this, but for now, have a listen and read on, because I actually hit the 100-word mark this time!  (Damn near killed me, but I did it—now where’s my cookie?)


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Flash Fiction Friday – Everything Works Out in the End


I still haven’t 100% decided if this is a thing.  But.  I do enjoy the challenge of ruthlessly editing down to 100 words (I still get stuck on 115 every time.  Is there some 115-word disease I should be tested for?)

Once again, I am responding to the Book Blogger’s Flash Fiction Foray Challenge.  This week’s song immediately called to mind very specific imagery, and the story followed naturally from that, so… no.  I cannot cut even one more word.


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Flash Fiction Friday? New World Coming


Is this a thing?  Am I making this a thing?

I honestly haven’t decided.  Let’s treat it like a Thing and see how that feels, m’kay?

Today’s post is a response to The Book Blogger’s Flash Fiction Foray Challenge, in which we are given a song and a limit of 100 words.

I got it down to 115 and stopped trying to kill myself over it.*  I’m long-winded: love me for what I am.

This week’s song is lovely and inspiring and you should listen to it at least a dozen times, until it invades your dreams (I did!) even if you’re not normally one to stick around when someone like me starts with the “hey, let me read you some of my fiction….”


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