You deserve a real post—two real posts—this week.


But Offspring is home, and I’ve got to go wake him up by bouncing on his bed and asking what he wants to do today.


I really want to brag about the things I got Husband for Christmas, but he reads this blog so it’ll have to wait.  And I can’t tell you about the adorable thing we got Offspring because—though I’ve warned him off—he insists on reading this blog.[1]


And I live in St Louis, a city that just completely lost its shit over two inches of snow.[2]

meme: girl in raincoat rushing off with milk and bread; text reads: "I JUST SAW A SNOW FLAKE"


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The Pineapple Story


Summer means I’ve got two pineapples ripening at all times, and usually one in the refrigerator as well.  (Protip: you lose less juice cutting them up if they’re chilled at least overnight.)  Yes, I fucking love pineapple just that much; always have.

Two pineapples in front of a sunny window


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