You deserve a real post—two real posts—this week.


But Offspring is home, and I’ve got to go wake him up by bouncing on his bed and asking what he wants to do today.


I really want to brag about the things I got Husband for Christmas, but he reads this blog so it’ll have to wait.  And I can’t tell you about the adorable thing we got Offspring because—though I’ve warned him off—he insists on reading this blog.[1]


And I live in St Louis, a city that just completely lost its shit over two inches of snow.[2]

meme: girl in raincoat rushing off with milk and bread; text reads: "I JUST SAW A SNOW FLAKE"


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Dear Missouri (Part II)


Dear Missouri,


What’s your fucking deal?


No, I’m being serious here.  And—to avoid confusion—this time I’m speaking directly to the citizens of Missouri, as opposed to the state itself (we’ll get back to you, I’m sure).


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