There and Back Again – A Greek Adventure, Pt II (Story Time!)


back in 1995


It’s 1995 and when we last saw Husband he had just urinated on strangers and arrived on the island of Santorini in shame.


That was not the most embarrassing part of this story.  There’s more drunken idiocy, public nudity, and a lot more fluids ahead.  Ready?


from Grease, "Tell me more, tell me more"

Tell me more!


Peeing on Strangers – A Greek Adventure, Pt I (Story Time!)


Let us return to the Before time, the long long ago… before Husband was my husband… before we were even dating, actually.  Because I was in high school, and he was really into women who were… well, women.


Now he’s just into me.


Bob's Burgers Tina "I am a smart, strong, sensual woman."


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We’re Bad In Restaurants


As many of you have noted, my husband and I have a great rapport, and are able to strike up a meaningful, loving, or silly conversation (my favorites combine all three) with little to no provocation. 


I love to talk, he loves to make me laugh: it’s a recipe for nonstop chatter and it’s no wonder that we are, conversationally, so good together. 


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Getting There Is Half The Fun


In my defense, I really love good Mexican food my husband.


Seriously, I’m a sucker for decent Mexican.  Which we can’t get up north (and I wish they’d quit pretending, it just makes me sad).  Plus, this time he’s going somewhere warm and a bit less humid, and he promised me that he will make not one single peep about my bubble tea habit. 

bubble tea

If you leave out the ice, you can drink ’em faster.

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