All Clear! (sort of)


Two weeks ago I warned you I was starting something you might not enjoy reading, and promised to give an “all clear” when it was over.


This is it.  If you read along with me, you’re all caught up; if you skipped, it’s safe to come out now.


For those who made the journey, I’m sorry it didn’t have a more satisfactory ending.  Believe me, I wish it all could have ended with my father here in my city with all the lovely oxygen and humidity, growing stronger every day and building a new relationship with the daughter he spent decades discarding and disregarding.


But, as I warned you in the beginning, this was not a work of fiction; Real Writers write lovely novels with satisfying endings—I can recommend a few, if you’re feeling emotionally battered.


For those who skipped this bit, I can’t promise you won’t see anything about it in the weeks to come: it’s all still very raw around here, and Husband and I are dealing with shit the way we do: by talking, constantly, and by making jokes about it when we can.  So if you run across an unfamiliar reference or character, there will be a link and you will have a choice to make.  Fortunately, all of the dire stuff is titled by Chapter, so if the link reads, Chapter #### when you hover over it, you know what you’re getting in to.


We will now enjoy a brief recess while I come up with something fun and silly to get us back on track.


And possibly reconsider my stance on day drinking alone.




What’s With Today?


stenciled spray paint on white wall: THIS SPACE HAS BEEN NTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK


Some of you will by now have noticed that I don’t have the usual scheduled post up today, and well done you—you’re ready for that detective badge, just march in and take it!  


Yes, I have noticed that it’s Friday but I’ve also had a shit week and things are weird around here and I’m just not up for it so this is what you’ve got.  Me, here, saying, “halloo, I’ve had a shit week so can I take a pass?  Thanks.”  


I’ll see you next week.  Same bat time, same bat channel.  Promise.


Oh, My Tree



You know how my tree is basically the most important event of holiday season?


You guys, my tree went up soooo late this year.  And the Harbinger of Christmas Spirit has no excuse.


book tree

Shout out to my friend who put up this kick-ass tree before I even took down my Halloween lights. Yeah. Did not have my shit together this year.


Don’t stop now – keep reading!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (NEM #33)


Oh Saturday, how we missed you.  The week has been long… and is it just me, or did this week have some extra suck in it?  I mean, winter weekdays aren’t known for playing nice, but I feel like this one really took some cheap shots when the ref wasn’t looking.  


No matter, we’re here now and it’s time to get motivated!  For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure, I will provide the customary Not Exactly Motivational introduction (you can also use the link at the top of any page on this blog).  Please avail yourself of it before going further.  This has been your only warning.


Motivate me!

Awkward Self-Promotion

So I’m not sure if I’m supposed to mention this here…


You know what?  It’s my blog.  I’ll mention it.


Actual Conversations is now available as a Kindle subscriptionIn case that’s a thing that’s helpful for some of you, having me auto-delivered on the regular to your preferred reading device.


No pressure, though; you can still read all the same content right here whenever you manage to rub up against an open WiFi connection.  This is just another option.


In other news, I’m really bad at self-promotion.  




penguin with a gun