Ummm… I have a question

(Q&A With Moi)


Are these for real?

Yes.  Sadly.


Does he read this blog?

Yep.  And he finds himself hilarious.


Does he get mad that you’re making fun of him?

He really doesn’t see it that way, honest.


Does he help you write this blog?

No.  In fact, I make it a point not to allow him any involvement in my process, because he just ends up wanting me to change things, or he remembers it differently (I make my notes real-time, so this is as accurate as it gets) or tells me “what would be funny.”  Worse is when he wants me to add in irrelevant details “because they happened.”  (If you know an engineer, you know what I’m talking about.)


Can I work with you on this clever idea I’ve had?

That sounds great!  Tell you what, I’ll put a contact form down here at the bottom; message me and we’ll talk about it, k?


I know you guys!  Why don’t you use your real names?

That is at Husband’s request; he would prefer that potential future coworkers who connect with him on LinkedIn don’t know every stupid thing he says.  I don’t blame him.


I figured out who you are!  I’m going to announce my guess somewhere on the blog/facebook/dm you!

Please don’t.  Also, you are apparently very interested in my life, and I like that in a person.  We should hang out sometime…. or, have we already?  (checks windows)


I love this blog – how can I help more people find you?

Bless!  Thing number one is to interact – subscribe, comment, like, etc.  You’ve no idea how much those things matter, but I promise you it’s more than the actual visits and clicks (which is weird to me, but there you are.)  Please do also share posts wherever you normally share such things; word of mouth is well and good, but actual conversations with my husband dot com is quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

You’re looking up at the address bar right now and realizing you’d forgotten the exact name of the blog, aren’t you.  Damn.