Think Good Thoughts (NEM #54)


Welcome back to another Saturday, and another magical edition of NEM: Childhood-Ruining Edition. 


You guys, I’m having so much fun with this theme I actually had to double-check the legality of it all—because I know this shit’s not fattening; then I remembered that it’s probably immoral and it all made sense. 


Confused?  Well, that’s probably because you’re new here, poor thing!  Let’s get you set up with a Not Exactly Motivational link—clicking is mandatory, but I assure you it’s for your own good and we all had to do it—so you can decide for yourself whether Saturdays are your cup of tea.  That link will also take you to all the past NEM posts, though I am putting them out on Instagram as well, in case that appeals to you.  For the fully initiated: continue in your usual fashion and “enjoy”


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Skip the Pixie Dust (NEM #53)


It’s Saturday!  Again!  Did anybody else have cookies for breakfast?  Excellent—keep on living your best life. 


This week, we’re starting something new—hidden after the jump, of course.  Those of you who have been here before can carry on as usual, but if you’re new, I do need you to click the Not Exactly Motivational link to catch up.  From there, you’ll get a full explanation of what we’re doing and why, along with links to all the past Saturday posts (you can also follow me on Instagram to catch up, if that’s your thing).


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Flash Fiction Friday – Everything Works Out in the End


I still haven’t 100% decided if this is a thing.  But.  I do enjoy the challenge of ruthlessly editing down to 100 words (I still get stuck on 115 every time.  Is there some 115-word disease I should be tested for?)

Once again, I am responding to the Book Blogger’s Flash Fiction Foray Challenge.  This week’s song immediately called to mind very specific imagery, and the story followed naturally from that, so… no.  I cannot cut even one more word.


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