Captain Marvel: My Favorite DELETED SCENES


Captan Marvel poster featuring Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and Yon-Rogg against a backdrop of futuristic cities, modern human jets, and explosions in space


Set aside your fears of girl power* and grunge, because the time has come to reveal my favorite deleted scenes from Captain Marvel, a film which features:




As always, these are deleted scenes, so if you haven’t seen the film yet (totally understandable, I won’t judge… unless you wait another week, then I’m judging you like woah) you won’t find any spoilers here.


I still haven’t forgiven Jake for spoiling The Force Awakens;*** I would never do that to you.


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Our actual anniversary is in December, which is perfect for us because of my love for the holiday season, hot chocolate, and letting other people throw my party.*

Courtney Cox saying, "I can't say 'no' to tequila"

It would be rude.

But spring—according to some dead poets—is the season of rebirth and romance.  I’ve never noticed, because I have eyeballs and can see that the trees are still bare and everything is dripping, but maybe all the Great Poets are blind?**


Regardless, spring is more or less here and I—in the spring of my fifteenth year of marriage to a man who tricked me into marrying him—am realizing I still don’t know him at all.


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Flat Earth


One of our favorite things—which you’d probably never guess unless you really know us—is stupid people and the shit they do for our entertainment.


Specifically, we will mockwatch* conspiracy shows,** documentaries about epic failure… whatever Netflix generously provides for our consumption.  (And it’s a lot.  Someone go thank them for all the good work they do—I’m busy drunk watching some bridezilla bitches scream about sequins)


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What’s With Today?


stenciled spray paint on white wall: THIS SPACE HAS BEEN NTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK


Some of you will by now have noticed that I don’t have the usual scheduled post up today, and well done you—you’re ready for that detective badge, just march in and take it!  


Yes, I have noticed that it’s Friday but I’ve also had a shit week and things are weird around here and I’m just not up for it so this is what you’ve got.  Me, here, saying, “halloo, I’ve had a shit week so can I take a pass?  Thanks.”  


I’ll see you next week.  Same bat time, same bat channel.  Promise.