Advanced Marriage Techniques: Nonverbal Communication


Having recently written a guest post over at Blondwritemore—a list of reasons to get married, if you’re interested—I’ve realized I am truly an expert on marriage.


Move over, Elizabeth Taylor.*

all eight of Liz Taylor's weddings

The other Most Married Woman Ever.

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Sarcasm is the Language of Love


Sarcasm is a vital component to a healthy marriage.  I contend that  sarcasm is second only to arguing in terms of keeping your relationship fresh; indeed, a well-placed bit of snark can jump-start an argument almost as quickly as a call from your bank’s fraud prevention department.


ME:  I mean, obviously I’m not saying you used the debit card to pay hookers-
HIM:  nope!
ME:  That’s all on me, because I never carry cash
HIM:  Yeah, they always insist on cash from me.


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