My Birthday Bridge


Attempts to prove that I am not the central point around which everything in the universe revolves were undermined recently when my city built me a bridge for my birthday.

(Disney's Alice in Wonderland) Alice, at her trial, sighs a defeated "oh, no." and facpalms

There’ll be no stopping my ego,  now


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WTB Panda Wallet


Not to get too personal, but my birthday was this month. 


Shalita Grant throws up her arms & cheers "Happy Birthday!"


Nope, too late, you don’t get credit if you already missed it.  Anyway, my birthday—for once—isn’t the point.  The point is for some reason this year I’ve noticed I’m… how shall I put this… getting older


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Happy Fucking Birthday PT 1



The Guessing Game



I don’t know how y’all feel about guessing game posts—having never asked—but I freaking love ‘em.  I feel like it perfectly blends my need to feel superior and knowledgeable with my desire to interact with you more.


I’ve been looking for an opportunity to do another one and when my post about Husband’s birthday ran a little long, I decided it was the perfect guessing fodder.

gold mario ? mystery box


But what to have you guess?


Should I have you guess what he got?


Should I have you guess why he’s the absolute worst to shop for?


So many options.


Okay, here’s what we’ll do.  Advanced option for the devoted long-time fans: guess both the gift and why he’s the worst.  Skip ahead to the comments right now, without reading anything else.  The rest of you, go ahead and read on for more clues.  If at any time you decide you’ve got it all figured out, get thee to the comments.


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