All I Want For Christmas


You guys.


Remember how you’ve been looking for the perfect Christmas gift for me?

Miss Piggy: "no"


Shut up, you have so.


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The Morning After


Happy Boxing day, one and all!


Some cursory bit of research has taught me that the traditions of this day include excellent tipping and more gifts, mostly of a charitable nature.  We, I’m sure, will get around to all of that just as soon as we wade through all of these empty boxes and stray bits of ribbon I keep finding.  Why is it no one around here can be arsed to clear their presents out from under the tree for days after Christmas?  We unwrap, then carefully stack them right back under the tree as if we’re not going to have to put them away at some point.



Yeah, that’s probably why.


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Oh, My Tree



You know how my tree is basically the most important event of holiday season?


You guys, my tree went up soooo late this year.  And the Harbinger of Christmas Spirit has no excuse.


book tree

Shout out to my friend who put up this kick-ass tree before I even took down my Halloween lights. Yeah. Did not have my shit together this year.


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It Shoots Christmas


We just got a letter stating that Husband has been approved for FMLA (we knew that) and that he just needs to make sure that he contacted his employer at least two days before (date several weeks before the letter was written, before they even started requesting these forms) to schedule a return to work.  Or else.  Still not a peep about actual disability payments, of course.


And shit like that is why I’m not keeping y’all posted on much of what’s going on around here.  It’s too depressing, and involves a lot of exceptionally foul language.


Let’s talk about Christmas instead, okay?


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I Can’t Sleep With Duke Ellington


confused man looking up

Where is she going with this?


Those of you who are not married to engineers don’t really understand what it is to live with one.  Moreover, I’m not sure you can fully appreciate just how different their brains are from normal brains. 

But it’s okay, because I have, right here, a story that will explain – in the example format you so love – exactly what sets the bulk of humanity here and engineers somewhere way over there.


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