He Shouldn’t Jest


One of the nice things about having my husband home more is that he’s had more energy for some of our leisure activities.


Like gaming!

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The Third Pedal


Sometimes this thing happens where we spend waaay too much time on a topic, and have meandered around into a very weird place with it.  On these occasions, I have a decision to make: do I share the conversation with you, the people whom I want very much to like me more than you like anyone else, so that you will tell your friends about me (so that they can also love me, and share me… I’m basically going for a pyramid scheme of validation, here) and risk you discovering that we’re long-winded and bumbling conversationalists after all; or do I hold it inside and risk not having enough material to post anything at all, because I raised the bar so high I’d have to get one of those grabby things from the infomercial just to reach it?


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The Morning After


Happy Boxing day, one and all!


Some cursory bit of research has taught me that the traditions of this day include excellent tipping and more gifts, mostly of a charitable nature.  We, I’m sure, will get around to all of that just as soon as we wade through all of these empty boxes and stray bits of ribbon I keep finding.  Why is it no one around here can be arsed to clear their presents out from under the tree for days after Christmas?  We unwrap, then carefully stack them right back under the tree as if we’re not going to have to put them away at some point.



Yeah, that’s probably why.


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Unknown Search Terms


I really had no expectations at all when I started this blog, other than for some people to read the things my husband says.  For some of those people to enjoy it was a bonus – a stretch goal, to use the currently fashionable term.  Since I never expected “success,” I never thought I’d be one of those people who particularly cared about the stats and “insights” provided by WordPress. 



Clearly, I had not been paying attention to any of my previous experience dealing with the wriggling bag of crazy that is me. 

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Getting There Is Half The Fun


In my defense, I really love good Mexican food my husband.


Seriously, I’m a sucker for decent Mexican.  Which we can’t get up north (and I wish they’d quit pretending, it just makes me sad).  Plus, this time he’s going somewhere warm and a bit less humid, and he promised me that he will make not one single peep about my bubble tea habit. 

bubble tea

If you leave out the ice, you can drink ’em faster.

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Drones Never Sleep, and Pokémon GO!



Everyone talking about Pokémon Go, but my man is still on the Stellaris.


Now you know I can’t allow that.  Because I’m an idiot.


ME:  Where are we going?  I thought we were getting dinner?
HIM:  We are, but there’s a pokécenter right here.
ME:  So?
ME:  Oh my god, I did not!
HIM:  You did.  And now I’m out.  So until I’ve got a whole bunch more, you need to quit tossing my balls around.
ME:  (giggling)
HIM:  … Wait, did you make me download this game just so we could have Conversations?
ME:  No, but I’m not mad.


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