What I Do For Him


I make a thing out of Husband and his nerdery* around here, so it would be the easiest thing for you** to assume that I never share in his nonsense.  You might (quite reasonably!) assume that I am never the one to nerd all over our lunch date conversation, or make a terrible joke.


You might also assume that I didn’t eat a pound and a half of grapes yesterday, but then you’d be wrong about two things.


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One That RIDES


It is an established fact here at ACWMH Inc LLC ©Trademark Limited that Husband™ is the expert on comic books and comic book movies, while I am a person who had sex in high school and can’t keep straight which characters are “real” superheroes and which ones were invented by Disney.


fat Mr Incredible doing Superman pose


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Popping the Question


There are questions never asked here, and I want you all to know that I do appreciate your restraint, your apparent faith in me.   There is, however, one question that I get asked in real life that I feel is best addressed here (no, it has nothing to do with managing my staggering sex appeal – seems everyone just assumes I’m completely oblivious to my effect on others); strangely, the question is about this blog, even though, as I’ve alluded a mere eight commas ago (shut up, I do not run-on, it’s called a complex sentence, and the count is now eleven) it’s never asked by anyone who actually follows this blog.

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Drones Never Sleep, and Pokémon GO!



Everyone talking about Pokémon Go, but my man is still on the Stellaris.


Now you know I can’t allow that.  Because I’m an idiot.


ME:  Where are we going?  I thought we were getting dinner?
HIM:  We are, but there’s a pokécenter right here.
ME:  So?
ME:  Oh my god, I did not!
HIM:  You did.  And now I’m out.  So until I’ve got a whole bunch more, you need to quit tossing my balls around.
ME:  (giggling)
HIM:  … Wait, did you make me download this game just so we could have Conversations?
ME:  No, but I’m not mad.


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Stupid Laundry


Since you’ve never been to my house (I’d have noticed) there’s something you probably don’t know about me.


Okay, several things, actually.  You probably didn’t know that, given only one towel when I get out of the shower, I will dry off my legs and then wrap up my hair and march out of the bathroom, stark nekkid.  But, see, you don’t know that because it’s totally irrelevant to anything I would ever post here.



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