Let’s Keep Halloween for ADULTS!


You may have noticed you’re only getting one this week.


That’s because it’s Halloween, dammit!  Why are you reading blogs when there’s spooky outside?

photo of the sun with flares in the shape of jack-o'-lantern grin

Even the SUN is getting spooki.


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What’s WRONG With People??


Here is a thing I do not understand.  And I know from reading the comments that some of you[1] do not enjoy haunted houses, so I put it to you:


Why do people who paid for the privilege of being scared get all aggressive about the fact that they got what they paid for?


Haunted house customer (on Ellen) flailing and shouting "STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!"

That’s not your safe word.


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Locked Out: A Love Story (with monsters)


This blog—as you’ll have noticed from the title and the other posts and basically everything—is about the conversations with my husband.  I like him, he likes me, we spend time together and we talk. 




This is the time of year all that changes; my haunt is in full swing and we’re now on opposite schedules (highly recommended for couples who secretly hate each other, btw).  Thus I present to you: Actual Texts From My Husband, including Conversations With Various Zombies, Clowns, And At Least One Demon.


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