Bananas and Io

My favorite thing in the whole wide world* is finding loopholes and beating the system.


So yesterday was my new Best Day Ever.

ferret in peanuts

I realize I say that a lot, but that’s because my brain is full of ferrets. And ferrets are ALWAYS having the best day of their life.

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And Then We Kissed


Not to be trite, but yes, I’m going to post something about how adorable and lovey we are this week.  Deal with it, ye cynics and haters of love and mushy stuff.  I’ll get back to bitching about him next week, I promise.*


fine print


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Long and Random Conversations. Because I Owe You.

You know what I hate?  When I find a blog I love and power through aaaaalll the damned posts only to find that the last one is dated like forever ago, and each of the last few posts includes the line, “sorry it’s been so long, I promise I’m going to start posting more regularly again!”  Liar.

So I’m not going to do that to you.

We’re better than that, you and I.  We have a bond.

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“I Love You”

A friend asked me where the tradition of my husband following his stupid comments with “I love you” came from, and when I told her the rambling yet vague version, she suggested I whip up a post instead.  Because I don’t make sense when I talk, I really don’t.  Unless you’re physically in front of me, and can follow along with my hand gestures and animated expressions.  We were on the phone, though.

At first, I was a little reluctant to try to explain this one, but on reflection it really is a classic illustration of our relationship and dynamic. This particular Conversation occurred before we were married.


HIM:  (says something hopelessly stupid, laughs at himself)
ME:  (sighs) I love you.
HIM:  You always say that when I… wait… are you reminding yourself?
ME:  I think so, yeah.
HIM:  Hmmm… good thing I’ll never run out of stupid things to say. No chance that you’ll forget how much you love me!
ME:  (unimpressed face)
HIM:  (beaming)
ME:  You know, it occurs to me that I’m always the one to say it first.
HIM:  That’s just because I’m always busy saying something stupid.
ME:  (glares)
HIM:  Wait… that came out wrong… You love me! (smiles)
ME:  That’s it. From now on, I’M not going to remind myself. It’s just reassuring you and enabling this behavior.
HIM:  So… you want me to remind you?
ME:  No, I’d rather you just stop saying stupid things!
HIM:  I can’t just stop talking!!!
ME:  (pointed look)
HIM:  I love you!