M is for Midnight, Manic


A quick one, because my stress level is literally through the roof.


Actually, it’s only through the ceiling—the leak is coming from one of the upstairs bathrooms—but THAT IS THE KIND OF SHIT I CAN’T BE DEALING WITH RIGHT NOW.

(Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Buffy saying, "I'm taking a holiday from dealing; happily vacationing in the land of Not Coping.


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Escape! And Toilets!


You remember our friends Jake and Kira, right?  Well Kira messaged me a few weeks ago with an intriguing question: would I like to join then in an escape room as a surprise for Jake’s birthday?

Dory mispronouncing "Escape"


Now, my immediate response was confusion, because Jake’s birthday was six months ago, but Kira insisted that was what made it surprising; I was immediately on board because that’s brilliant.  Also, escape room?  Yes please!


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