2016 Year in Review—Search Terms


I’ve complained in the past of my frustration with “unknown search terms.”  To be clear, this is still the bane of my existence.  Whatever you are doing to keep me from seeing how you got to my blog, STAHP! 


I gots to know!

Internet Friends don’t keep secrets from each other!


But I put away search terms for a good long while—mostly because my hair was falling out from the stress—and only recently looked through them again.  


I’m not sure how I feel about what I’ve found, to be honest, but I know filler material when I see it. 


Here, then, are the top (humorous) search terms used to find this blog in 2016.


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Revengers, Detonate!


never go to bed angry, stay awake and plot revenge


Long-time readers may have noticed that I don’t consume shows on the same timeline as the rest of the world.  Basically, people have to nag me for at least a year for it to even get on my watchlist, then I need another two to three years of prodding before I’ll sample the first episode.  If that fails to grab me, it’s over.  Sorry.


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Things My Husband and I Have Argued About*

cartoon fight cloud

(a blatant Mil Millington ripoff)

I cannot reasonably list for you every single disagreement that we’ve ever had.  I’m sorry, but too much of my precious brainspace is dedicated to never thinking of these things again, and to recall them for you would put all that effort to waste.  Also, you’ve had plenty of ordinary arguments, you don’t need to read about mine.  No, what I’m offering you here is a sampling of that special something that can only be found à chez nous.  To date, we have had significant, repeatable, long-running rows on such hot-button topics as:

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