My Withdrawal


I debated telling you about this.  It’s not my usual sort of thing at all.


But then I remembered that time I got the disastrous Botox injections that melted my face and made my migraines worse; specifically, I thought about all the people who commented on that post, or contacted me about it, and all the people whose heartbreaking search terms lead them to it every week.  I thought about that and I thought, “I wish someone had told me five years ago what I know now!”


The decision sort of made itself after that.


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My Botox Story


I’m sitting here with my eyebrows literally sliding down my face, and it’s making it hard to get other things done.  But y’all are my outlet, so here is where I’m going to tell the story of what’s going on with me.  It’s not the usual sort of thing here, I know, but I’ve decided to share it anyway.

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