A Shower Warrior is Me


When I disappear from this site, it won’t be because I won the lottery.


It will be because the spiders finally got me.


horror flick woman screams as spiders descend


And he did nothing to stop it.


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Good Morning, House Demon


Remember that thing I told you, about how he drives like his father?  Well, like almost nothing I write here, I conveyed that information because it was important.* 


Husband, along with his many adorable quirks, has a crazy-making, fascist obsession with the lights.  The very idea that, somewhere in the house, a light is on with nobody around to see it makes him twitch.  This is especially baffling for me because, as he himself admits, any given light bulb draws a ridiculously tiny amount of power.  Seriously, my choice to leave the light on over the basement steps for a few hours costs us maybe 1.5 cents every night. 


He’s done the math.

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