Dog Hater is #1


So here’s the thing: JTL believes – because apparently lawyers are still allowed to be optimists?  Who knew? – that the simplest thing will be for him to write a sternly worded letter to The Company, listing the hella illegal things they did and reminding them that the easy way out of this mess is to rehire Husband.  So that’s our first step. 

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The Morning After


Happy Boxing day, one and all!


Some cursory bit of research has taught me that the traditions of this day include excellent tipping and more gifts, mostly of a charitable nature.  We, I’m sure, will get around to all of that just as soon as we wade through all of these empty boxes and stray bits of ribbon I keep finding.  Why is it no one around here can be arsed to clear their presents out from under the tree for days after Christmas?  We unwrap, then carefully stack them right back under the tree as if we’re not going to have to put them away at some point.



Yeah, that’s probably why.


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His Stupid Cat


This thing where he runs out of snoring strips and forgets to buy more is unacceptable.  We need a subscription service or something.


And while we’re at it, if we could get someone to come ‘round every night and slap one of those bad boys on his face, that’d be great, because he keeps trying to sneak into bed without one, like I won’t notice and that’ll somehow prove that he doesn’t snore.


Which.  He.  Totally.  Does.

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