I Need to Meet Peter Jackson


Sometimes a Conversation is totally worth sharing, but it’s also really long and I’m afraid that you won’t understand… us.  I’m afraid you won’t understand that this is really how we are, that this is just a normal six or seven minutes in the car on the way back from Costco (where another thing happened, because we tried shopping together, but that’s just going to have to wait, you know?) and really this was just the last few minutes of the drive… but you don’t want to read about that time we talked politics, or money, or about the Offspring’s future.  And then I wonder what it is you do want to read about, and I start questioning everything this blog is about before I remember two things:


  1. It’s just a blog. Jesus, has anything in the history of everything ever mattered less?
  2. It’s my blog, so I can post whatever I want. Right?  This is not Instagram, where we’re terribly worried about impressing each other, or Facebook where we don’t want to offend anyone. *


sometimes I post photos I shouldn't

One could argue that most of the photos I post should have been kept to myself.


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On Human Trapping (My Skyrim Valentine)


The fine art of entrapment may be verboten in the world of law enforcement, but I’m here to tell you that it’s a vital component if you expect your marriage to be at all humorous.  Sure, some people strive for peaceful, happy, harmonious, mutually beneficial marriages… but I think they must not understand what they’re missing.


boring family sits on couch, bored


If you’re sensing one of those posts where I ramble a bit, and have to jump back and forth to properly tell the story, congratulations on the paying attention thing!  But no, this time I’ve actually got my shit together, and there’s a point easily made.  Come along, readers – trust me.


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