I Have So Many Questions


Until now this blog has been—whatever he might say—about him and the ridiculous things he says, does, thinks, or laughs at. 


I think it’s time to branch out.  Because I… I heard something.


Something that changed me.



Let me back up. 


Have you ever met someone who changed your life in a moment, probably without even realizing they did it?  Someone who has lived such a fundamentally different life from your own experiences that it makes you question everything (Do I really like corn flakes?  Puppies?  Sleep?  Do I really hate spiders?*) you thought you knew? 


I have, but this is not that story. 

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I Would Never


I have been accused—not by anyone we’d take seriously, of course, but the accusation has been made publicly, on the almighty Internet and thus I must address it—of laying traps for my husband. 


Lorelai Gilmore rolls her eyes in a "not this again" reaction



As if he doesn’t get himself into plenty of trouble all on his own?


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