Name That Tune


Relationships are at their best when they are changing, evolving.  A stagnant relationship gives both parties a chance to get bored, and bored people tend to notice how unrelentingly irritating the person they live with really is.


Noticing shit, according to a recent report by lawyers who probably don’t exist, is the leading cause of divorce.

professional woman points out items on contract to out-of-focus client in foreground

“We can absolutely bring up the pillow drool if you want, and I don’t doubt the judge will consider it… but if we do, she’ll DEFINITELY mention the skid marks.”



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I’m Not the Problem Here

It’s been… however many months since a dozen fancy cupcakes saved me from a tropological death.

box of six beautifully decorated gourmet cupcakes; three pink roses with pearls, three sugary snowballs

The “please don’t hate me” assortment.

You’ve probably forgotten all about certain promises, but I have not. Because I’m… you know. Husband, on the other hand, doesn’t know me at all.

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