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Good news: I found a place to live!

Grace Helbig raises one hand slightly and admits, "I was gonna lift my arms all the way up but I forgot I didn't shave my armpits"


Did this stop the brain crabs?


Hell no!


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In Sickness and in Health…


Husband has been getting stuffed up at night.  Sinuses, you know, can tell time.


I’m sure this results in a great deal of discomfort for him but we’re here to talk about the effect on me and why I can’t get a decent night’s sleep, so let’s dive right into that, shall we?

(Happy Bunny) It's all about me. Deal with it.


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One… Two…


I had every intention of being all better by now, but instead I keep waking up with fresh symptoms… and friends who work in health care are nodding and saying helpful things like, “Has the vomiting started yet?” so I’d like to make one last plea to all parents: please keep your children home at all times, preferably in plastic bubbles, so that they don’t go around wiping their noses on the rest of the world.  Until that day, I’ll just keep telling myself that whiskey fudge will totally work better than anything my stupid doctor gives me. 


Side note; I think I’ve finally sorted my whiskey fudge recipe.


Rory Gilmore "you go, girl"

Intoxicatingly delicious.

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