Gone in 90 Seconds


In the midst of all the Halloweening, I totally forgot to mention that we got the results of Husband’s sleep study!


Oh, it was a glorious day.  And not only because I figured out how to make my phone do some cool new tricks: it now silences a call when I flip it screen-down, wakes up immediately when I pick it up from a table (no swipe to unlock!) and immediately goes to sleep if I set it screen-down on a table.

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His Stupid Cat


This thing where he runs out of snoring strips and forgets to buy more is unacceptable.  We need a subscription service or something.


And while we’re at it, if we could get someone to come ‘round every night and slap one of those bad boys on his face, that’d be great, because he keeps trying to sneak into bed without one, like I won’t notice and that’ll somehow prove that he doesn’t snore.


Which.  He.  Totally.  Does.

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