Slipping Him Bread


In spite of the gross scary sticker on our door and the obviously dangerous meth ghosts, we are endeavoring to settle in to both this house and our new city. 


Thing One: St. Louis is a beautiful city with literally everything we could ask for including friendly people.

Thing Two: We are still 100% dependent on GPS.



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First, I have to tell you that he bit the bullet (just before the deadline) and “upgraded” to Windows 10.  So now there are two of us in the house who occasionally scream “God dammit Windows 10!” while praying that our progress was saved recently.  (It rarely is.)


"something happened" error

No shit.


HIM:  I’ve got the Windows 10 upgrade running today.
ME:  I didn’t realize you were still running 7.  And I didn’t realize they were doing a free upgrade for 7, I thought it was just 8.
HIM:  Nope, it’s 7 and 8.
ME:  But only 7 and 8?
HIM:  Yeah, Windows 9 users are shit outta luck.
ME:  That’s not –
HIM:  (laughing)

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